Wits & Wagers: Family Edition


Wits & Wagers: Family Edition is the family version of the most award winning party game in history.

This edition is more simple, has less down time, and is more portable than the original Wits & Wagers. It also removes the “gambling” element and has questions that are appropriate for kids and the whole family. This is the best edition to play when several generations of the family get together for an evening of fun and laughter.

Now, the parents are finally the underdogs! Do you know the average number of times a person blinks each day? Of course not – and you don’t need to! That’s the fun. No one knows the answer. Take a guess and score points by choosing whose guess is closest.

How to Play

1) A question is asked

2) Everyone writes down a guess

3) The guesses are placed face-up on the table and ordered smallest to largest

4) Place your Meeples on the guess that you think is closest to the right answer

Feeling confident? Place a Meeple on your guess. Think your kids knows better? Place your Meeples on their guess. Have no idea? Bet on any guess and hope you get lucky! The first player to 15 points wins.

With easy rules and exciting game play, Wits and Wagers: Family Edition will get the whole family cheering and laughing together.

For 3+ players, ages 6+.

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