Six Steps When Planning a Stag Party

Organising a Stag Do in Queenstown can be an excellent task – there’s so so much to do and many fun activities to choose!  While some people want to go all out, others will be looking for something a little more low key.

stag party queenstown
Queenstown is full of incredible activities to choose from

Whichever way you’re going there’s one thing to be sure – you want to give the stag a weekend to remember! The harsh reality is that organising a stag do can be a mighty pain in the a$$. Figuring out the costs; what to do when; how to get around and then collecting the money from everyone!

That’s where we come in – check out our step by step guide to organising an incredible stag do without the hassle:

Step one:

Talk to the stag and decide who gets an invite. Once you have the list, pick the best social network for communicating between you and create a group. It’s the quickest and easiest way to keep in touch.

Step two:

While you’re talking to the stag, fix the date that works best for him (and you!) Leave at least two weeks between the stag do and the wedding – you need enough time for everyone to heal afterwards! Avoid school holidays, public holidays, major sporting events and anything else that is likely to tie up the attendees.

Step three:

Agree on a budget! One of the first things to agree with the group is the budget – no point in planning an expensive weekend if no one can afford it! Give some options to the group to help them choose and make sure no one is left singled out. 

Throw around some accommodation options too – Queenstown has everything from five-star resorts and numerous back-packers. Try to find somewhere that ticks everyone’s boxes.

Step four:

You can’t just spend the weekend drinking – it’ll get boring, so pick a couple of activities to keep the boys entertained before the party starts later on. Check out our post on the ‘7 things to make an unforgettable Queenstown stag do’ for some ideas.

We might be biased, but you can’t do better than Go-Karting at Game Over Queenstown. There’s not much in the sub $50 range in Queenstown but Game Over ticks that box. With the World’s fastest and most advanced Go-Karts, a thrilling two-level track and racing timing to the millisecond this is the place to sort the men from the boys in Queenstown.

best stag activities in Queenstown
Hit the track at Game Over Queenstown

Step five:

As the stag organiser, the rest of the group are going to look to you to fill the gap between activities or any dull moments – have some games and dares prepared and, while you’re at it pick an embarrassing outfit for the stag to wear. It’s his last night of freedom – make sure he looks his best!

Step six:

Make sure you and the stag aren’t out of pocket – you’ve already planned the budget but what about collecting the money? Consider asking people to pay for things (the accommodation) as it becomes due. Only put it on your credit card once the money’s in and everyone’s confirmed. Be clear upfront about the cancellation policy – the last thing you need is misunderstandings over whether or not any dropouts will get their money back!

And finally, take a deep breath because the fun has just started. Keep in touch with the group and make sure everyone knows all the details and stays involved!