Diary of a quarantined Game Over employee. Week 1 – Motivation!

Day 1:

7.30am: Woke up to get ready for work.

7.33am: Remembered I didn’t have work.

8.30am: Made a coffee, ate breakfast and contemplated when I’d see the outside world again.

Darren realised Food on Q is not an essential service

8.35am: Saw the outside world again.

8.36am: Went back inside…Far too cold.

9.00am: Considered if showering before a video meeting was necessary? Decided it wasn’t.

9.20am: Decided it was.

9.35am: Late for meeting.

10.00am: Boss says take next few days to spend quality time with the people we live with.

10.02am: The person I live with not pleased at this news.

12.00pm-5pm: Eat food. Watch Netflix. Eat more food. Watch TVNZ. Consider a snack while eating a snack. Watch Disney +. Where did I get another snack from? Plan dinner – something healthy after all these snacks…

5.40pm: Check Food On Q website on the odd chance that they are deemed an ‘essential business’.

9.00pm: Good first day. Tomorrow will be more productive.

Day 2

Was not more productive

Day 3

8.00am: Woke up following a dream that one of the Game Over go karts was driving itself and was chasing me around the track… Why was it laughing at me?

9.30am: Showered. 2 coffees. Breakfast.

11.00am: Had the realisation that the reason I hadn’t been productive was down to not having a plan! It was so simple, if I wrote down a schedule of things I had to do, then my motivation would finally kick in!

Darren waiting for the motivation to kick in
Waiting for the motivation to kick-in

4:40pm: Probably napped longer than I should have.

6.00pm: Seriously Food On Q ISN’T an essential service?! 8.00pm: Made dinner. Watched movie. Made a plan to make a plan!

Day 4

9.00am: Considered trimming back my beard.

Deserted Queenstown street

9.01am: Dismissed this idea. Tidy beards were for the outside days!

11.10am: Went for my first ‘isolation’ walk! Man, Queenstown is eerie with no people. Like the backdrop of a zombie movie.

11.16am: Ran away from a zombie!

11.18am: On reflection, zombie may have just been an older gentleman with a limp.

12.30pm: Returned home with a new lease on life and MADE MY PLAN!!! Productivity here I come!

1.30pm: Quick game of Call Of Duty – Warzone, as a reward my mornings exercise!

8.00pm: Xbox controller out of battery… When did it get dark?

9.58pm: Awkward discussion in bed when asking about my girlfriend’s day….apparently she had been here the entire time?

Day 5

8.00am: Woke up. This time I chased the go kart.

9.00am: Preparing for video meeting. Decided to NOT shower!

I put on a Game Over hat and sat further back from the camera. The perfect crime.  

9.35am: They can tell. I don’t know how, but they can tell! Why didn’t I shower and why am I wearing toy story pyjamas?

12.00-6.00pm: Cooked! Cleaned! Baked! Did gardening! Got some exercise! Looked into some online learning!

Hello productivity!

8.45pm: Successful day. Feeling good. 1, maybe 2 glasses of wine to celebrate?

????pm: 3rd bottle? Easy! hmm? Jeffffaallllllll!!Nope giddneeehhht! HHHAAA!

Day 6

8.45am: Stupid wine.

9.30am: Video meeting. Everyone is talking far too loud today.

12.00pm: Afternoon of answering emails. Event planning. Easing into working from home!

9.00pm: Early night… Stupid wine.

Day 7

9.30am: Showered. 2 coffees. Breakfast. Meeting. DONE!

11.00am: Exercised. Answered emails. Planned events. Written blog. Marketing plan. DONE!

6.00pm: Cooked dinner. Watched movie. Read book. Done!

10.00pm: One week down with no dramas and no reason to panic…

10.02pm: I am informed we only have 8 rolls of toilet paper left.