We get many questions at Game Over and thought we could help by answering some below. If you have a question not listed below please contact us via our contact page.

What is a Junior racer?

Juniors racers are categorised as – 8yrs old to 12yrs old and 120cm or above in height.

What is an Adult racer?

Adult racers are categorised as – 13yrs old and above and 150cms or above in height.

Can Juniors race with Adults

Junior and adult races are separate. Everyone uses the same track but we do not allow junior karts onto the track with adult karts due to the speed and weight differences.

How many people can race at once?

We have a maximum of 7 people on the track at a time and you are racing for the fastest lap time.

How many laps / How long is a race?

Junior races are one warm up lap and then 10 laps of the track.
Adults races are one warm up lap and then 14 laps of the track.
The races themselves are approx. 10mins in length. It is also a race, if you are off the pace, you may not get to complete your full 10 or 14 laps. Our Clubspeed system is pretty lenient but after the majority of racers have completed their full laps it will call time on the race. Every person in the race is on the track for the same length of time.

Are there any restrictions?

Our karts are electric and have lots of torque and speed. This means lots of fun but it also means that racers need to take responsibility and control of their karts. This requires all our drivers to be able to use both hands and feet and all racers must wear a helmet!