Getting ready for level 2…

Getting ready for level 2…

Queenstown’s slowly coming back to life. It’s almost as though we’re coming out of hibernation… right in time for winter! It’s hard to know how to feel, in among the bad news and uncertainty there has been some really positive stuff happening. To me it’s as though a new appreciation of ‘the little things’ has been born. It’s been amazing seeing some of our friends and neighbour’s opening their doors again and bringing back a little more life to Queenstown AND in some really cool, creative ways too!

Supporting local has never been more important. In the last 10 days I have ‘supported’ Food On Q, Franks Eatery, Devil Burger, Fat Badgers, Buzz Stop, Subway and 30 mins a go I finished supporting a burrito from Zambrero. Soon I will support my local Hallenstein’s as my belt struggles to continue supporting me!

So as I waddle around Game Over today, let me tell you about some of what we have been up to prepare for level 2…

Looking better than ever…

5 years in and our building has never looked better. Our cleaning schedule was tight before…now it’s on a whole other level! The track has been scrubbed down, barriers replaced, winter tires are on and ‘Dino’ is on lookout getting ready to welcome you back!

Brand New helmets

The Game Over fall/winter collection, featuring some brand new helmets! They were bought with the current climate in mind – to enable your nose and mouth to practice social distancing! Our original helmets are still available and all helmets are disinfected after every use, but for those who prefer a more open faced style, we got you covered.

Promotions and deals

Before COVID-19 threw us all a curve ball we had so many amazing ideas and promotions and none of that has changed. Our DOUBLE VALUE GIFTCARDS are still up for grabs through our website until this Sunday night (10th May). We will be launching an amazing value combo deal with SITE trampoline and Basecamp Adventures starting come level 2, we call it the QUEENSTOWN ACTIVITY PACK.

Had a birthday during lockdown? Bring in your ID during the first 2 weeks of us re-opening and have a free race on us! We will also be running a LOCAL HEROES campaign where you can nominate someone who you think has gone above and beyond during lockdown to help those around them. We will pick out some winners and reward them with some free experiences here with us as a thank you.

Follow us on Instagram @gameover_qt or Facebook @GameOverQT for updates as they happen, or drop me an email at

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!


Diary Of A Quarantined Game Over Employee – Week 2 & 3 – The ‘New Normal’

Day 8:

Today was a very special day for me. It’s not my birthday. No, today I go shopping!

Day 10:

Found a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle this afternoon! Haven’t done one in years. Why do people not do these things anymore?

Day 12:

Rebuilding the coffee table today. Proving pretty difficult as I’m fairly certain a piece of light blue sky is still embedded in one of my knuckles.

Day 13:

Found a page on Instagram filled with Dad jokes! Must have told my girlfriend at least 100 classics!

Day 14:

…Working from the balcony today.

Day 16:

Finding working out from home just isn’t the same as the gym. Figured it out though. Every night when I open my 4th beer, I send myself an email with the subject heading, ‘We haven’t seen you in a while?’

Day 18:

Did an Easter egg hunt this morning! Found 50c, the top of a potato, an old tennis ball and the manual for the fridge!

…Either somebody forgot what weekend it is, or the Easter bunny’s been drinking again.

Day 19:

Sneakily broke wind in the living room today. When my girlfriend asked “Was that you?” I shamelessly blamed the dog. All too quickly she threw in my face, “Darren, we don’t have a dog”.

Day 20:

…Working from the bottom end of the garden today.

Day 21:

Getting slightly concerned about how much I’m drinking. Tonight I got refused entry to my kitchen. Will try again tomorrow.

Craft Beer in Queenstown

The last couple of years has seen an awakening of craft breweries in Queenstown. So, after you’ve torn up the track at Game Over QT (no beers before racing – sorry lads), why not make your next adventure a tour for your taste-buds by visiting the finest places in Queenstown to grab a craft beer? Here are our top picks of the sites you should head.

Topping the list, mostly because we’re practically neighbours, is the award-winning Altitude Brewing Taproom on Frankton Road (a 5-minute drive from Game over). Altitude Beers are a big deal in Queenstown and visiting the taproom takes you straight to the source. You can check out the brewery then grab a beer ‘flight’ to sample the greatness. Our top picks are Goldpanner’s Profit (lager) and Mischievous Kea (IPA).

Next up another out-of-town stop this time Canyon’s Food and Brewing at Arthurs Point. You can’t beat the location of this one, with incredible mountain views and a look down at the Shotover River and the world-famous Shotover Jet (advanced booking needed if you want to ride Shotover Jet… one of Queenstown’s top activities!). Back to the beer, this microbrewery does it all, right on site. With four regular brews and two seasonal rotations, you’re sure to find one you like. Our picks are Coalfaced (Dark Lager) and Pale Ale.

Enjoy incredible mountain views whilst sipping on a cold beverage. Photo credit: Canyon’s Food and Brewing

The next stop is Searchlight Brewery. Just off Gorge Road, this one’s totally off the tourist trail and remains a relatively unknown gem. Look for the sign that helpfully points to ‘Beer’ as you enter Industrial Place.  Searchlight is independently owned and operated, and he owners have a slogan ‘Search, Seek, Evolve’ that embodies what they do. It also provides an excellent name for the three beer ranges that include something for everyone. Our top pick for something a little different is Raspberry Wheat.

The final spot on the list goes to Smiths Craft Beer House. On Shotover Street, right in the centre of town. A little bit tricky to find – they’re upstairs, above Thrillzone and beneath the Queenstown Gym. Once inside you’re treated to the largest selection of craft beer, from a variety of brewers, in Queenstown. Smiths employ a super friendly team who are all too happy to let you sample the beers or make recommendations if you need them. To top it off they have an incredible menu of finger-licking good, hearty food and fantastic prices. Smiths is open daily from 12 till late and, if you’re a beer or food lover, it’s sure to become one of your favourite Queenstown hang-outs.


Diary of a quarantined Game Over employee. Week 1 – Motivation!

Day 1:

7.30am: Woke up to get ready for work.

7.33am: Remembered I didn’t have work.

8.30am: Made a coffee, ate breakfast and contemplated when I’d see the outside world again.

Darren realised Food on Q is not an essential service

8.35am: Saw the outside world again.

8.36am: Went back inside…Far too cold.

9.00am: Considered if showering before a video meeting was necessary? Decided it wasn’t.

9.20am: Decided it was.

9.35am: Late for meeting.

10.00am: Boss says take next few days to spend quality time with the people we live with.

10.02am: The person I live with not pleased at this news.

12.00pm-5pm: Eat food. Watch Netflix. Eat more food. Watch TVNZ. Consider a snack while eating a snack. Watch Disney +. Where did I get another snack from? Plan dinner – something healthy after all these snacks…

5.40pm: Check Food On Q website on the odd chance that they are deemed an ‘essential business’.

9.00pm: Good first day. Tomorrow will be more productive.

Day 2

Was not more productive

Day 3

8.00am: Woke up following a dream that one of the Game Over go karts was driving itself and was chasing me around the track… Why was it laughing at me?

9.30am: Showered. 2 coffees. Breakfast.

11.00am: Had the realisation that the reason I hadn’t been productive was down to not having a plan! It was so simple, if I wrote down a schedule of things I had to do, then my motivation would finally kick in!

Darren waiting for the motivation to kick in
Waiting for the motivation to kick-in

4:40pm: Probably napped longer than I should have.

6.00pm: Seriously Food On Q ISN’T an essential service?! 8.00pm: Made dinner. Watched movie. Made a plan to make a plan!

Day 4

9.00am: Considered trimming back my beard.

Deserted Queenstown street

9.01am: Dismissed this idea. Tidy beards were for the outside days!

11.10am: Went for my first ‘isolation’ walk! Man, Queenstown is eerie with no people. Like the backdrop of a zombie movie.

11.16am: Ran away from a zombie!

11.18am: On reflection, zombie may have just been an older gentleman with a limp.

12.30pm: Returned home with a new lease on life and MADE MY PLAN!!! Productivity here I come!

1.30pm: Quick game of Call Of Duty – Warzone, as a reward my mornings exercise!

8.00pm: Xbox controller out of battery… When did it get dark?

9.58pm: Awkward discussion in bed when asking about my girlfriend’s day….apparently she had been here the entire time?

Day 5

8.00am: Woke up. This time I chased the go kart.

9.00am: Preparing for video meeting. Decided to NOT shower!

I put on a Game Over hat and sat further back from the camera. The perfect crime.  

9.35am: They can tell. I don’t know how, but they can tell! Why didn’t I shower and why am I wearing toy story pyjamas?

12.00-6.00pm: Cooked! Cleaned! Baked! Did gardening! Got some exercise! Looked into some online learning!

Hello productivity!

8.45pm: Successful day. Feeling good. 1, maybe 2 glasses of wine to celebrate?

????pm: 3rd bottle? Easy! hmm? Jeffffaallllllll!!Nope giddneeehhht! HHHAAA!

Day 6

8.45am: Stupid wine.

9.30am: Video meeting. Everyone is talking far too loud today.

12.00pm: Afternoon of answering emails. Event planning. Easing into working from home!

9.00pm: Early night… Stupid wine.

Day 7

9.30am: Showered. 2 coffees. Breakfast. Meeting. DONE!

11.00am: Exercised. Answered emails. Planned events. Written blog. Marketing plan. DONE!

6.00pm: Cooked dinner. Watched movie. Read book. Done!

10.00pm: One week down with no dramas and no reason to panic…

10.02pm: I am informed we only have 8 rolls of toilet paper left.


Six Steps When Planning a Stag Party

Organising a Stag Do in Queenstown can be an excellent task – there’s so so much to do and many fun activities to choose!  While some people want to go all out, others will be looking for something a little more low key.

stag party queenstown
Queenstown is full of incredible activities to choose from

Whichever way you’re going there’s one thing to be sure – you want to give the stag a weekend to remember! The harsh reality is that organising a stag do can be a mighty pain in the a$$. Figuring out the costs; what to do when; how to get around and then collecting the money from everyone!

That’s where we come in – check out our step by step guide to organising an incredible stag do without the hassle:

Step one:

Talk to the stag and decide who gets an invite. Once you have the list, pick the best social network for communicating between you and create a group. It’s the quickest and easiest way to keep in touch.

Step two:

While you’re talking to the stag, fix the date that works best for him (and you!) Leave at least two weeks between the stag do and the wedding – you need enough time for everyone to heal afterwards! Avoid school holidays, public holidays, major sporting events and anything else that is likely to tie up the attendees.

Step three:

Agree on a budget! One of the first things to agree with the group is the budget – no point in planning an expensive weekend if no one can afford it! Give some options to the group to help them choose and make sure no one is left singled out. 

Throw around some accommodation options too – Queenstown has everything from five-star resorts and numerous back-packers. Try to find somewhere that ticks everyone’s boxes.

Step four:

You can’t just spend the weekend drinking – it’ll get boring, so pick a couple of activities to keep the boys entertained before the party starts later on. Check out our post on the ‘7 things to make an unforgettable Queenstown stag do’ for some ideas.

We might be biased, but you can’t do better than Go-Karting at Game Over Queenstown. There’s not much in the sub $50 range in Queenstown but Game Over ticks that box. With the World’s fastest and most advanced Go-Karts, a thrilling two-level track and racing timing to the millisecond this is the place to sort the men from the boys in Queenstown.

best stag activities in Queenstown
Hit the track at Game Over Queenstown

Step five:

As the stag organiser, the rest of the group are going to look to you to fill the gap between activities or any dull moments – have some games and dares prepared and, while you’re at it pick an embarrassing outfit for the stag to wear. It’s his last night of freedom – make sure he looks his best!

Step six:

Make sure you and the stag aren’t out of pocket – you’ve already planned the budget but what about collecting the money? Consider asking people to pay for things (the accommodation) as it becomes due. Only put it on your credit card once the money’s in and everyone’s confirmed. Be clear upfront about the cancellation policy – the last thing you need is misunderstandings over whether or not any dropouts will get their money back!

And finally, take a deep breath because the fun has just started. Keep in touch with the group and make sure everyone knows all the details and stays involved!

Family Friendly Activities in Queenstown

Queenstown’s an incredible destination, year-round, and a trip here with the family doesn’t need to cost the earth!

Here are our five top picks for family things to do in Queenstown that are kind on the wallet!

1Spot native Kiwi at the Kiwi Birdlife Park. The Kiwi Birdlife Park provides a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with over 20 native species of birds and reptiles including the elusive Kiwi! The park is over 5 acres in size and every animal in the care of the park is part of a managed conservation program. So you do not only have a possibly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view these incredible creatures, but you’re also contributing to their ongoing protection. Priced at just $130, when booked online, for the whole family, this is an extraordinary adventure that you can’t afford to miss.

2 Check out the region’s gold mining history in Arrowtown. Arrowtown is a delightful little town just a short drive from Queenstown and is famous for its rich gold mining history. Take some time to explore the 150 year old Chinese settlement before hiring a gold pan and trying your luck in the Arrow River.  Once you’ve struck it rich or just had enough, take a stroll down the quaint high street lined with quirky shops and restaurants. If you have time, take in a movie at Dorothy Browns – an independent movie theatre that still believes in the tradition of an interval halfway through the film to restock on treats!

Queenstown is a family friendly location
Arrowtown cannot be missed on your trip to Queenstown

3Take a Walk. Queenstown is home to some of the most beautiful hikes in the country. If you’re not up for an overnighter then check out one of the day tracks such as Bob’s Peak, Queenstown Hill or Moke Lake. Each one promises incredible scenery and there really is something for everyone. If you’re looking for something, a little flatter then you can’t go past the Queenstown trail, snaking from Sunshine Bay to Kelvin Heights and beyond. Walk as much or as little as you like along the side of the great Lake Wakatipu.

4 Laser Tag at Game Over. A family trip to Queenstown wouldn’t be complete without a couple of games of laser tag at Game Over. The vast, dinosaur-themed arena makes for a challenging and enjoyable game for both adults and kids. With five game modes to choose from, it’s easy to see why some families come back time and time again for a laser tag battle like no other.

Laser tag is a family friendly activity
Head over to Game Over Queenstown for some family friendly competition

5 In winter and summer take a drive up Coronet Peak. The access road is just beyond Arthurs Point, a ten-minute ride out of Queenstown and, from there, you can make your ascent. From the top, you’ll have a birdseye view of the whole Queenstown basin and beyond towards Kingston. It is spectacular. Grab yourself a drink and soak up the atmosphere. Be aware that winter can present some challenging road conditions – be sure to check out any signage as you approach the access road.

As you can see, there are some incredible experiences in Queenstown that will appeal to the whole family. Take inspiration from our latest blog post the ultimate 1-day Queenstown itinerary for families and start planning your Queenstown adventure today!

The Ultimate 1-day Queenstown Itinerary for Families

Queenstown, New Zealand. Known as the adventure capital of the World! But what if your kids are too young for bungy jumping or sky-diving and too bored to watch while you do it? Well here we list our top tips for the ultimate itinerary for families in Queenstown!  

1Grab some breakfast at Brazz on Athol Street. It’s family friendly, incredibly well priced and has a menu that will satisfy even the pickiest little eaters. Better still, it’s practically next door to a handy little car park (also on Athol Street). Once you’re fed and watered, head back to the car and head out of town!

2 Just a short drive out of town, Remarkables Park is you’re next stop. Game Over to be precise. The home to New Zealand’s best Indoor Kart Racing, Lazer Tag and arcade. Game Over is a family’s paradise… you’ll come head to head with a Triceratops as soon as you walk in! Then it’s time to choose your activities… with the arcade starting from $1 there’s something for the whole family. We even have free wi-fi so you can keep in touch while the kids play!

3Every Game Over customer gets 20% at SITE trampoline which is just a short walk across the carpark. Try out the seven, Olympic quality trampolines and the super fun ‘tramp park’ with 30 interconnected trampolines and a walled tramp area. The kids want to practice some cooler moves? No problem, they’ll land safely on the super soft air bag or foam pit!  SITE is perfect for the whole family!

4 Feeling hungry yet? Head back into town and have lunch at one of the many family friendly restaurants (we suggest Speights Ale House so you can have a beer). Or grab something on the go from one of the many casual dining places or street food vendors that line Marine Parade.

5 After you’ve refreshed yourselves why not walk to Queenstown gardens for a round of Disc Golf? It’s family friendly and super inexpensive. Start at Queenstown Ice Arena where you can hire the discs and grab a map and scorecard then get the game going. Who’s got the best eye and throwing skills? It’s trickier that it seems!  

Queenstown Gardens, Game Over Queenstown
Enjoy the beautiful Queenstown Gardens

6 Finish up the day at Cookie time on Camp Street and treat the family to a cookie or one of the amazing shakes before heading back to your accommodation for a well-earned rest!

There you have it folks our top picks for the ultimate family day out in Queenstown. Looking for even more suggestions have you read our latest blog post on family friendly activities in Queenstown?

5 ways to keep the kids happy on a rainy day in Queenstown

We’ve all been there… it’s the big trip, we’ve been saving for weeks, everyone’s excited and the plans are set. But wait, you wake up in the gorgeous Queenstown and it’s raining. Bad times. That’s the stroll to the playground with an ice cream and meander through the Chinese village in Arrowtown out of the window. You’ve only got a couple of minutes to come up with a plan before your little darlings become little monsters. 

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. Our definitive list of the 5 best ways to keep the kids happy on a rainy day in Queenstown to the rescue!

1Get out of town. The only thing worse than a rainy day in Queenstown, is a walking around in the wet and skipping the puddles in the town centre.  Why not pile everyone into the car or, if you want an adventure, take a ride on the bus and head to Remarkables Park. Queenstown’s premium shopping centre and newest entertainment precinct. At the foot of the Remarkables, the view is incredible!

2 Have a drink and a bite at Franks Eatery, at the bottom of the Ramada Hotel before heading across the road to Game Over, the home to New Zealand’s best Indoor Kart Racing, Lazer Tag and arcade. Game Over is a kids paradise… you’ll come head to head with a Triceratops as soon as you walk in! Then it’s time to choose your activities… with the arcade starting from $1 there’s something for everyone. We even have free wi-fi so you can keep in touch while the kids play!

3Every Game Over customer gets 20% at SITE trampoline which is just a short walk across the carpark. Try out the seven, Olympic quality trampolines and the super fun ‘tramp park’ with 30 interconnected trampolines and a walled tramp area. The kids want to practice some cooler moves? No problem, they’ll land safely on the super soft air bag or foam pit!  

4 Young kids still got energy to burn? Head a couple of doors down from SITE to Chipmunks Playland. Suitable for 2 – 11 year olds there is unlimited fun to be had and the best part? There’s a café on site so you can grab a coffee while the kids have the time of their life

5 After all that excitement you’re going to need to refuel… head round the ‘The Shelter’ in Remarkables Park shopping centre. You’ll find a menu with something to suit even the fussiest diners and fantastic service. With a wide selection of beverages to choose from, you’re sure to find the right drop with which to toast an awesome day out!

7 things you must do to make a Stag weekend in Queenstown unforgettable

He’s got a hall pass before his big day… you’ve got 24 hours… Queenstown is the destination. How are you going to ensure his last trip without the ball and chain goes off with a bang? Read on for our top 7 picks for an unforgettable Stag Weekend in Queenstown.


Dubbed the adventure capital of the World, Queenstown is a diverse adventure playground that is easily accessible from throughout New Zealand and the World thanks to an international airport with direct, daily links to Australia’s major cities.  With a broad selection of activities including adventures on the water, on land, in the air or a mix of both, there is something for the most extreme thrill seekers to those seeking a more refined experience.If you’re planning a Stag do in Queenstown, here are the 7 places you have to stay, eat, drink and experience. It won’t be relaxing, but it will ensure your Stag has a party he’ll remember for all his days.

1Go-Karting at Game Over – situated right by the airport this is your first port of call to get the party started. Fully electric Go-Karts with a top speed of 45kph this adrenaline activity is the most affordable indoor activity in Queenstown. Ask the team to design a package for your group – whether you want a Grand Prix style event that culminates in a thrilling final or simply want to run a few laps each, anything is possible. After the karting, sort the men from the boys in the laser tag arena, it’s like paint ball without the mess!  Note: Game Over operates a strict alcohol free policy so save the drinking ‘til afterwards boys!

2 Next up is The Playground, just outside of Queenstown. Offering an exciting range of group activities to provide ‘Big Kids’ with an incredible experience, perfectly suited to stag groups. Whether it be smashing into your opponents while playing Bubble Soccer or honing your bow and arrow skills during a game of Archery Combat, The Playground has unique activities that feature strategic skill, commando style and good, old fashioned fun!

3 You’re going to want to check into your accommodation and there’s none better than Base Backpackers.  Situated on the busiest street in Queenstown, right opposite the world famous burger joint, Base is your ‘one stop’ hostel with everything you need under one roof… bed, entertainment, nightlife and incredible views!

4 By now you’ve earned a drink lads and where better to start that 1876? Unbeatable food and drink deals, daily happy hour and a large, deck that overlooks the street, this is an awesome year-round destination. Adored by visitors and locals alike you can’t do better than starting your night at 1876!

5 Hungry? Head to Winnies for the best pizza and casual dining experience in Queenstown. What’s more, you can stay way beyond your food… Winnies is also one of the hottest party spots in Queenstown after dark!  Go for the Pizza, stay for the Party!

The day after

6 Boys, after check out head straight round the corner to Red Rock for a $10 all-day breakfast. If it’s coffee or something stronger you’re after Red Rock, has got you covered

Bring your Queenstown adventure to a relaxed end with a round of Frisbee Golf in the Queenstown Gardens. Add the last bit of competitive spirit as you make your way around and try to get the discs into the baskets… you can use the time to get the ‘story straight’ if anyone has some explaining to do back home.  Discs may be bought or hired from sports stores or the ice-rink.