Video Game Arcade

The arcade at Game Over is the largest and most advanced in Queenstown. With a wide variety of games to choose from the arcade is a destination in itself!  

Priced from $1, have you got what it takes to snag a prize from one of the skills testers… you could win a soft toy or a voucher worth up to $100!  Who will win as you play against your mates at Air Hockey, Crazy Speed and Terminator. Test your ball skills with ‘Visual Sports Challenge’: beat the goalie in a soccer penalty shoot-out, kick a few field goals in rugby or take some wickets against the bowler in Cricket. Step up to the challenge of our ‘Entrapment’ style Lazer Web – who will get through the fastest without hitting the lazers?  Have a blast from the past with our retro Galaga & King Kong arcade machine with more than 1000 classic games to choose from.  Drop some 2 and 3 pointers on our Basketball Shooters, beat the high score and win a prize!

Jurassic Battle Lazer Tag

Game Over Queenstown’s Jurassic Battle Lazer Tag Arena is a massive Prehistoric themed environment. Take your first step through the briefing arena and come face to face with ancient dinosaurs!


1 Mission

Missions last 15 minutes including briefing

2 Missions

Missions last 15 minutes including briefing

Lazer tag is loud and dark and may be scary for young children. Recommended minimum age is 4 years

All activities: Enclosed shoes must be worn. No Sandals or Jandals are permitted.
LAZER TAG INCLUSIONS: Pre combat briefing, Full battle armoury including vest and phaser, Battle debrief from your commanding officer, Check your scores on the big screen outside the arena.

Action Packed Lazer Battle

Game Over Lazer Tag is a live action packed, laser arena with the latest technology, lighting and sound.

Players battle it out in a 250 square metre playing arena. Step first into the briefing room to discover what your mission is.  Next is the armoury where you strap on the latest Helios Pro vest and phaser. Then step into another world – the Lazer arena, dimly lit with fog swirling – beware, Dinosaurs may bite!

Watch out for the opposition players and the interactive targets hidden throughout the arena – zap them before they get you!  Play in teams or everyone for themselves. Up to 20 people can play at once.

This is perfect for team building, corporate events, birthday parties, bucks and hens parties, or just for fun with family and  friends.

Game Over Lazer Tag does not require any prior skills. All players receive a full mission briefing followed by gearing up where you will strap on your Helios Pro vest and phaser.
The arena has plenty of places to hide, but nowhere is completely safe!!


  • No running,
  • No climbing on structures,
  • No lying down,
  • Obey all instructions from the Game over team and show respect for your team mates.

Breaking any of these rules will result in you being removed from the arena


Go Karting

Go Karting at Game Over is the most exhilarating karting experience you’ll have anywhere. We’ve got karting options for everyone including Junior Race karts for 8 to 12 year olds and Adult Karts for Big Kids & Adults. Races are up to 14 laps for Adults and Juniors are up to 10 laps. Lap count goes off lead racer.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: $25 karting between 10am – 11am

Adult Karts

Single Kart Race

1 Race of up to 14 laps for one person

2 Kart Races

2 Races of up to 14 laps each
for one person
(Available In Store only)

RESTRICTIONS: Minimum age of 13 years
Minimum height of 150cm tall

Enclosed shoes must be worn. No sandals or Jandals are permitted.
KARTING INCLUSIONS: Helmet, Full safety briefing, Printed race card featuring your times and the times of your opponents in your race.

Junior Karts

Single JUNIOR Race

1 Race of up to 10 laps for one person

2 JUNIOR Races

2 Races of up to 10 laps each
for one person
(Available In Store only)

RESTRICTIONS: Minimum age of 8 years
Minimum height of 120cm tall

All activities: Enclosed shoes must be worn. No Sandals or Jandals are permitted.

State of the art electric karts

At Game Over we pride ourselves on being huge fans of the electric go kart! Our electric go karts have several clear advantages over its gas-powered rivals, including a low environmental impact, absence of exhaust fumes, and superior performance. With a 20hp DC electric motor that produces far more torque than other kart engines, our electric karts have superb acceleration out of tight corners; while a gas engine can get bogged down, our electric motors are capable of delivering maximum torque instantaneously. And unlike a gas-powered kart, an electric go kart can be programmed to a variety of pre-set speeds to accommodate guests of varying skill levels, including beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Our electric karts are also programmed for automatic speed reduction while in the pits and can be turned off remotely in the event of an emergency. At Game Over, we not only feel that the electric go kart provides a more thrilling indoor karting experience, but a safer indoor karting experience as well.